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ES SYSTEM K allows shops to save!


Open vs. Closed cabinets

Commercial refrigeration cabinets in a shop, just like household applainces, have to work constantly in order to ensure appropriate conditions for food storage, so that the client can always put fresh products in their basket. So that the cold chain isn’t interrupted, it is estimated, that the equipment has to use arround 52% of energy in the shop.

The indicator could be much lower if the cabinets were closed with a sliding door system, hinged door system or covers systems.

ES SYSTEM K – 3 door systems

In response to high energy prices and the search for ways to allow the retail sector to save, ES SYSTEM K offers 3 modern door systems. Eco Vision doors and Full Vision doors for multidecks – at least 30% lower energy consumption, as well as Energy Saving Doors for freezing cabinets – up to 55% of energy savings. ESD system has found its way to the Dobry Wzrór 2022 finale and received the „Retail Innovation” title at the Retail Show 2022 fair. All systems are characterized by a modern, light construction and functional solutions which ease the use for Shop Operators and Final Clients. Those systems can be implemented in ES SYSTEM K’s equipment as well as cabinets from a different manufacturer.


The improvement of working parameters of components

Thanks to these systems, it is possible to significaly reduce heat transfer inside refrigeration equipment. Cabinets with doors reduce compressors' work time by 68% in comparison with open cabinets which can lead up to about 87% of reduction in compressors’ work time, especially in supermarkets.

Improvement of food storage quality

Furthermore, the average temperature of groceries stored in closed cabinets is lower by 3 degrees. Therefore, the improvement of the safety of food displayed in closed cabinets is also an additional advantage.

Improvement of shopping comfort

The doors significantly reduce the amount of cold air getting in the shopping aisles, which can improve client’s shopping experience.

Significant savings

Comparison tests carried out by ES SYSTEM K R&D engineers on open and closed cabinets, especially in multidecks, show that the total difference in electric energy consumption, taking into consideration not only reduced work of condensors, but also work of electric components of cabinet’s equipment, such as lighting, fans and heaters, is at least 30%. This indicator is even more profitable within freezing equipment, where thanks to innovative composite profiles, replacing doors for Energy Saving Doors brings up to 55% of savings. This significantly exceeds previous attempts to reduce exploitation costs.

Closed cabinet = ecology

In food sector, which is responsible for 2% of global greenhouse emission, improving effectiveness has great potential. It can contribute to significant reduction and improvement of energy security in the world. Retail chains have been involving in pro-environmental activities for a long time, such as energy saving lighting, heat recovery and photovoltaic panels. However, It is often forgotten that it is the absence of doors in refrigeration cabinets that is responsible for the significant part of maitenance costs.

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