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ES SYSTEM K'S innovations

Once again we had the pleasure to suport our Partner- Żabka in carrying out a green revolution in retail. In Eko Smart Żabka in Poznań we presented some of our innovations.




Smart Shop Control System is an advanced IoT solution that gives the franchisees and store owners peace and sense of security. Thanks to the SSC System’s friendly interface, available both in mobile and web version, shop employees and service technicians can monitor the work of not only refrigeration equipment but also lights and other electric devices located in the store. The module gives the possibility to prevent failures and optimize the work of the device in order to reduce energy consumption. This intelligent system indicates the Optimal Work Point of the Facility. It allows for the most effective management of energy balance in every shop.

Furthermore, in Eko Żabka store in Poznań we used the Smart Lighting System – an intelligent control system of shop lights and lights placed inside the refrigeration equipment. By adjusting the light intensity to the surrounding conditions and the crowd inside the store, we have made further energy savings.






So far, several devices were needed to control the temperature, freshness of air and appropriate work conditions in the store. Now a hybrid device  from ES SYTEM K – Hybrid System – is available. It cools, air-conditions, heats and is responsible for the recuperation of the entire store, including the warehouse area.

Everything works within one compact device and not using a lot of space, it is especially valuable in convenience stores. Improvement of the air condition influences the employees well-being and has a positive impact on frozen as well as dry goods. It also allows for the shorter work time of heating and air-conditioning section, resulting in significant energy savings. Furthermore, the device removes microorganisms, allergens and harmful pollen.







In ES SYSTEM K’s refrigeration equipment we used a natural insulation made from hemp with a special impregnate. This is a promising alternative for commonly used polyurethane foam – being a natural material, hemp is fully biodegradable. This excellent thermal insulation does not contain any toxic substances; therefore, its utilization is quicker and cheaper – when the cabinet is not to be used anymore the insulating materials can be processed into compost. It also doesn’t endanger human health in any way.

Industrial hemp sowing benefits the environment. Hemp is a plant resistant to pest and diseases. In agriculture, due to its developed root system, hemp is used to fertilize the soil and because of its high carbon dioxide absorption it is perfect for reclamation of naturally valuable areas.





Traditional shelves in refrigeration cabinets work like trays made from sheet material and hanged at the back of the cabinet. New shelves used by ES SYSTEM K resemble a radiator – in the middle there is a liquid. Consequently, it is able to store cold and give it up at the most critical moments.

This cold accumulator undergoes a phase change (PCM – phase change material) which ensures temperature stability on every level of display. Being the accumulator, the shelf allows for a quicker cooling of products during its stock up and increases the safety of goods when a malfunction occurs. In result, it impacts the energy efficiency of the entire refrigeration system.







Primus cabinet is a savings leader in plug-in cabinets class meant for frozen food. Frozen goods are very popular due to their quick preparation time. This implies that their display in every store format gains importance. Unfortunately their maintenance cost is the highest in the store. Primus cabinet was made to minimalize energy costs and reduce carbon footprint. It is characterized by the lowest energy consumption in its class.

Achieving such good parameters is a result of using Energy Saving Doors and optimizing the work of the device, which maeans that the savings significantly exceed previous attempts to reduce operating costs. Comparing energy consumption in traditional cabinets to a cabinet from Primus’s class with ESD, we can observe that savings reach up to 70% and result in return in investment after few months.Energy Saving Doors are another innovative solution developed and successfully used by ES SYSTEM K. Thess are doors based on the construction of composite profiles which allowed the elimination of heating elements to bare minimum.



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